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It’s finally here, an investing service that makes this process easy for you.

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All-in-one simplicity.

Investing can be complicated. Allocation Link makes investing hassle-free with built-in features designed to save you time and money.

Built For You.

Smart and  Efficient

Allocation Link uses Low Cost ETF positions. These funds have established track records and no commissions or transaction fees for you.

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Empower Your Money.

A smart portfolio does not have to be expensive.

Avoiding high fees and allowing for time to grow are big keys to long-term performance.

Keep Your Expectations High but Your Fee Low

Do you know how much you pay in fees? Our system does a “Check Up” on your portfolio.  Technology has lowered the cost, we pass this savings on to you.

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More of what you want.

Less of what you don’t need.

We have leveled the playing field, it’s not about how much money you have. It’s about getting started and making progress. With a $250 investment, you can get started today.

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